🚀 Gilly Barr

I'm Gilly. I've been programming since I was 11 years old, back before anyone knew it would be cool one day. I taught myself to build desktop apps with Visual Basic, discovered the web with php and worked throughout high-school building many eCommerce sites.
Since then, I've worked at quite a few companies and used many different technologies.
I love moving fast (while trying not to break stuff), mentoring junior developers, and experimenting with new technologies.

I'm also a husband and dad to two amazing kids.
A true maker at heart.



Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto NetworksAugust 2021 - Current
Principal Engineer

Working on core features of Cortex XDR, one of Palo Alto's fastest growing products. Owner of the XQL editor tool inside the app - XQL is a proprietary language for querying user data. I worked on adding many new features to the language, defining the grammar and implementing live error checking and coding suggestions while typing.
Worked with Angular & React. Used the ANTLR library for defining the XQL grammar and creating listeners for error checking and suggestions.

GoogleFebruary 2018 - July 2021
Senior Software Engineer (Level 4)

On the team that maintained the Trends tool and also built Pinpoint - a tool for investigative journalists to work with large amounts of documents.
Worked mainly with Java and Typescript, along with many internal proprietary frameworks and tools.

Logz.ioDecember 2014 - December 2017
Full Stack Team Leader

First employee of the company - Built the initial system from scratch along with one other developer (and slowly grew). After ~a year became the Front End team leader - hired and managed 7 employees that directly reported to me.
Worked extensively on the kibana source code, making many modifications for our use.
Worked extensively with AngularJS & React. Used a little java & nodejs. Became very familiar with ElasticSearch & kafka.

Sears Israel
Sears IsraelOctober 2011 - May 2014
Full Stack Developer

Full stack developer on the ShopYourWay.com website - Implemented many new features end to end. After ~a year transitioned to the infrastructure team where I worked on core features like implementing a new in-house queue management system and being responsible for the frontend performance. Gave talks within the company and implemented a performance-first approach.
Wrote a lot of code with C# and Java.
Used various storage systems - ElasticSearch, redis, MySQL, Gigaspaces

Visa CAL (ICC)
Visa CAL (ICC)August 2009 - November 2011
.NET Developer

Worked on the customer facing website which users can view their credit card transactions and a personal financial management tool. I was the sole owner of the internal tool that the sales team used to register and manage new user's credit cards.
Worked mostly with C# on the backend, and used asp.net along with jquery on the frontend.

Israeli Air Force
Israeli Air ForceFebruary 2006 - August 2009
Software Engineer

Built and maintained internal applications/tools.
Worked with C#, asp.net, memcached, Oracle DB


The Open University
The Open University
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & Psychology)

Side Projects


Get a custom email digest of your favorite youtube videos. I created this for my own benefit at first (after I couldn't find an existing solution) and use this till today.
Built with NextJS and hosted on Vercel


Another tool I started to scratch my own itch.. I wanted a really simple stocks site that will show me only the data I'm interested in, get an email digest of the stocks I want and define simple alerts.
Built with NextJS (on Vercel) - might not be fully functional due to the stocks api bill that I stopped paying.

Wasted Humanity

Just a silly project to show you how much time humanity wasted on YouTube videos and what productive stuff we couldve done instead.
A collaboration with @flying_eggplant


A dating app for trees. Who doesnt need this, right?
A joke we created for "Tu B'Shevat" - a jewish holiday to celebrate the new year of the trees.
A collaboration with @flying_eggplant


These are clickable..

3D PrintingWoodworkingRunning

Online Presence

I also used to (a long time ago) maintain a technical blog called[DebuggerStepThrough]